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A weight loss journal for anyone looking to shed unwanted pounds. Here you''ll find support, weight loss tips, and many stories chronicling the weight loss people are experiencing with TAIslim.

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Everyone’s metabolism slows down as they age, and this unfortunately causes extra fat storage. Because a faster metabolism helps with weight loss, most people try to find ways to improve their metabolic rate as they age. Fortunately, this is actually very simple – improving your metabolism is all about finding the small things that you can do every day to cause your body to burn extra fat. These are 8 nuggets of metabolism information that can help you easily improve your metabolism.

1. Drinking enough water a day has many different benefits, and one of them just so happens to be a temporary increase of metabolism. While it won’t affect your overall metabolism, your body must warm the water that you drink, and this burns extra calories. Drinking water with food, then, causes your body to burn off a bit of those calories you’re taking in, with absolutely no effort on your part. Regular, healthy water consumption has actually been shown to burn fat in men, and carbs in women.

2. Did you know that as you lose weight, your metabolism naturally slows down? This means you have to consume less calories as you lose weight to maintain that new, slender you. Of course, this doesn’t have to be a problem. The perfect way to combat this metabolism-slowing effect is to build muscle. As you burn fat, you want to make sure you are replacing it with lean muscle. Lean muscle helps to increase your metabolism by burning extra calories. – Even when you are just sitting. These muscle-building workouts are also more effective at increasing your metabolism than cardio or aerobic workouts.

3. Always make sure you are taking in plenty of food each day. This isn’t to say that cutting back on overly-large portions at each meal shouldn””t be done, as it is a great way to lose weight. – It is when you begin skipping meals altogether that your metabolism slows to a crawl. When you skip meals like breakfast, this tells your body that you aren’t getting food regularly. To make sure that your metabolism stays strong, you’ll want to eat a lot of small and frequent meals, and never skip breakfast.

4. Not only are a lot of sugary foods absolutely loaded with calories, sugar can actually cause your body to slow the metabolism down and store extra fat. This is why avoiding sugary foods is key to maintaining a fast metabolism.

5. Get enough sleep. A good night’s sleep can have more of an impact on your metabolism than you might think. Countless studies have shown that well-rested people are thinner than those who don’t get enough sleep. Seven to eight hours are the magic numbers you should shoot for each night. We also know that muscle is regenerated in the very final hours of sleep each night, so getting enough sleep can help you increase your resting metabolic weight.

6. Just about everyone knows now how negative an impact stress can have not only on your life, but on your weight as well. Avoiding stress whenever possible is key in keeping a fast metabolism. Stress-related weight gain is also the most unhealthy, as it almost always packs the pounds on around your stomach. Not only is this very unsightly, but it also increases your chances for things like cancer and heart disease. To make sure you stay as de-stressed as possible, take at least an hour out of each day to do something you truly enjoy.

7. For a while after consuming spicy foods, your metabolism is increased. While spicy foods may not be a permanent fix for a slow metabolism, they are a great way to burn calories in smaller, shorter bursts. Studies have shown that eating spicy foods can increase your metabolic rate by as much as 8% for a while after consuming them. Spicy foods are also heavier on your stomach, leading to feelings of fullness quicker. – This helps in maintaining portion control.

8. Get simple exercise. Research is showing that even small amounts of extra physical exertion can have dramatic influences on fat burning and metabolism. If you get creative, you can come up with all sorts of ways that you can become more physically active without having to go out of your way. Those stairs at your office are a perfect solution – taking them over the elevator every day can do wonders for your metabolism.

9. Drink Goji Weight Loss before breakfast and lunch every day. Among over 20 other benefits, Goji Weight Loss improves your body’s ability to burn calories by as much as 50%! Goji Weight Loss removes unhealthy bacteria from the digestive tract that cause increased calorie absorption, replenishing them with healthy intestinal flora. Goji Weight Loss also helps prevent the absorption of calories from foods that are high in fat or starch.

Like all things in life, it’s the small things that add up to big results. You don’t have to morph your entire life to increase your metabolism and burn more fat. – These are all small and easy tips that will help to stimulate your body to shed away those excess pounds faster. And who doesn’t want that?

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