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A weight loss journal for anyone looking to shed unwanted pounds. Here you''ll find support, weight loss tips, and many stories chronicling the weight loss people are experiencing with TAIslim.

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Abdominal fat – also lovingly referred to as belly fat – is the least desirable place to gain weight. Unlike other areas of the body where extra fat can perhaps be hidden or downplayed, when our bodies pack fat onto the stomach, everyone sees it.

Unfortunately, there are other negatives associated with belly fat beyond aesthetical problems. Fat stored in the abdominal area, right around all of the body’s major organs, is the most unhealthy place that it can accumulate. In fact, belly fat is a prime indicator of a serious condition called metabolic syndrome, which can double your risk of early death from stroke, cancer, heart disease, or diabetes.

Ultimately, the basic cause of metabolic syndrome is a certain imbalance of hormones. The bodies of many overweight or sedentary people slowly grow to be more resistant to the effects of insulin, which converts the food you eat into energy to be used. The body then begins to produce excess amounts of cortisol, another hormone which has the nasty effect of converting unused calories directly into fat, and storing them in the abdominal cavity. Because of this, some people may find it nearly impossible to put the brakes on runaway weight gain, or may find extreme difficulty in losing weight.

Of course, if you could “re-train” your body to become more sensitive to insulin, as it was designed to be, then this increase in belly fat would cease. This has, of course, always been an incredibly difficult thing to do, but Goji Weight Loss is here to help!

Clinical Human studies conducted on Goji Weight Loss have shown a significant reduction of cortisol levels and other fat-storing hormones in the blood. In fact, the unique fiber found in Goji Weight Loss has been tirelessly studied and found to boost the body’s normal insulin sensitivity!

Goji Weight Loss helps to burn fat off of all parts of the body, but its proven ability to reduce belly fat is a reason to rejoice! Whether for an improved physique and more attractive body, or boosted health and peace of mind, the abdominal fat-fighting power of Goji Weight Loss can truly change your life!

1 Liter Bottle of TaiSlim Goji Weight Loss

Case of Goji TaiSlim Weight Loss (4 Bottles Each)


Some of TAIs..m‘s weight-loss benefits seem rather obvious. others, such as the way TAIslim boosts thermogenic action to shed pounds, aren’t so easy to immediately understand.

Thermogenesis is, quite simply, the body’s ability create heat form processing stored fat cells. It does so by increasing the body’s metabollic rate, and this is the reason we often refer to the process of using fat cells as “burning” fat!

Most importantly, this burning of fat is called lipolysis, and takes place in unique pockets of fat all over the body.

Normally, the body doesn’t utilize these pockets of fat, called brown adipose tissue (BAT). This is a problem, because accumulated BAT-style fat isn’t easy to get rid of. It is normally only burned when the body is undergoing intense stresses such as fighting for its life, exercising heavily, or when the body is in need of extra heat.

The good news is that you no longer have to toil away endlessly in Antarctica to burn these stubborn fat reserves! Certain foods, such as peppers, cinnamon, and ginger can trigger very breif burning of BAT. Coffee and Tea both burn this fat for slightly longer periods.

There is, however, a much better way of cranking up your thermogenic power and it is with TAIs..m! In one controlled, human clinical study, TAIs..m astounded scientists by burning calories at the amazing rate of 200 calories per day. That averages out to 250% more than what was burned in green tea studies! This extra calorie-burning boost is only one of the four ways in which TAIslim literally melts the pounds off!

The thermogenic, calorie-frying power of TAIslim is also long lasting. In yet another clinical study, those people who were taking TAis..m were burning 20 times more calories than any of those who had been administered coffee or green tea!

In short, TAIs..m actually *boosts* your body’s ability to burn calories effectively! Imagine if you could just magically erase many of the calories you consumed in a day – wouldn’t it be much easier for you to lose weight, or keep the pounds off? This no longer has to be the result of magic – TAIs..m is the scientific way to help your body burn more calories all throughout the day!

1 Liter Bottle of TAIs..m Weight Loss

Case of TAIs..m Weight Loss (4 Bottles Each)

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There’s no doubt about it – one of the most effective ways to lose weight is to reduce the number of calories you ingest in a day. The problem is that this can be incredibly difficult. Bad eating and snacking habits are hard to break, and it’s not easy to walk away form food if you’re still a little hungry. This is why Goji Weight Loss helps you to eat less food and still feel satisfied!

Goji Weight Loss features an exclusive complex called Appitol Plus which contains L-phenylalanine and N-acetyl-L-tyrosine. Those names don’t roll off the tongue, but all you need to know is that they are amino acids that studies show can help suppress food cravings and between-meals snacks!

These natural amino acids work on the brain’s pleasure centers. Your brain is wired to provide you with feelings of pleasure when you complete necessary actions for survival, such as seeking warmth or shelter, or eating. Something pleasurable, such as eating good food, triggers these parts of the brain to release dopamine, a chemical which makes you feel satisfied. Because of this, you stop eating once this dopamine starts to be produced.

Unfortunately, in the brains of many overweight people, these dopamine receptors don’t work quite right. This causes a person to have to eat more food for them to receive the message that they are full and satisfied.

The amino acids in Goji Weight Loss’ Appetol Plus complex are very similar in structure to dopamine. Studies have shown that these dopamine look-a-likes can stimulate dopamine activity in the brain, meaning that by taking Goji Weight Loss at the start of a meal that pleasurable, full sensation can be felt without having to overeat!

If this weren’t enough, the special fiber in Goji Weight Loss helps promote the early release of CCK, a substance that is known as the “feel full” hormone. This hormone makes you feel fuller more quickly, and can help you feel full for longer periods of time.

The “hunger signal” in the body occurs hours after a meal, when the blood sugar levels in the body begin to drop. After eating more food, those blood sugar levels rise and those feelings of hunger cease.

Scientists know that is you can help keep these blood sugar levels normalized for a longer period of time, then you can help put off that signal that you are hungry! This is another way in which Goji Weight Loss helps control your appetite. The patented fiber delays the absorption of food into the bloodstream, letting it get absorbed more evenly – a constant trickle instead of a flood. This helps those blood sugar level stay where they should be, and keeps your body form overproducing the fat-storing stress hormones like cortisol and insulin.

Goji Weight Loss can help you walk away from those over-sized portions of food. You can leave the dinner table feeling full and ready to go, and you won’t be so anxious waiting for the dinner bell to ring!

1 Liter Bottle of Goji Weight Loss

Case of Goji Weight Loss (4 Bottles Each)


Modern research suggests that properly cleansing the digestive tract is a crucial factor in losing weight. Fortunately, this is one of the important features of Goji Weight Loss powerful four-way fat-burning action. To truly understand how it keeps your digestive tract replenished, you need to know about Goji Weight Loss’ unique proprietary fiber!

When thinking of fiber, people most often think about bowel regularity. While fiber does certainly help with this, obtaining the right kind of fiber, such as the kind in our Goji Weight Loss, actually helps your body lose weight.

Fiber in Goji Weight Loss, when taken with 8 ounces of water, becomes hydrated and mixes with your food. As the food is passed through the digestive tract, the digestive process is slowed thanks to the presence of fiber. Absorbing food more slowly is highly beneficial to the body, as it guarantees your body can handle this food without having to over-produce insulin. And because insulin is a fat-storing hormone, lower, more natural amounts of it being produced in the digestive tract means that less fat is absorbed and stored in your body!

Of course, because NuFlora is a fiber, it also helps to remove unhealthy toxins and metabolic wastes from the digestive tract, and has been clinically demonstrated to promote regularity. NuFlora can, however, do something even more beneficial – it can actually help rid your body of bad bacteria that could actually be causing you to gain extra weight!

The colon is always filled with trillions of “friendly” bacteria that are known as intestinal flora which help keep your colon healthy and free of harmful organisms such as Candida yeast. They help help your body to maintain a normal weight level by improving your bodys ability to use insulin.

New research, however, conducted at the renowned Mayo clinic is showing startling results. In many overweight people these natural, helpful flora have been depleted to low levels, and actually replaced with an unwanted species known as Firmicutes. Unlike the natural digestive flora, these work to extract MORE calories from already digestive food, and store these extra calories directly as body fat. These results are changing the way scientists look at obesity around the globe, and may be the reason so many people find it incredibly difficult to lose weight.

The good news is that those bad, fat-storing bacteria are no match for the fiber found in Goji Weight Loss. By replenishing and strengthening the natural, healthy bacteria in your digestive tract, Goji Weight Loss helps to get rid of those evil bacteria that are contributing to your growing waistline.

1 Liter Bottle of Goji Weight Loss

Case of Goji Weight Loss (4 Bottles Each)


Goji Weight Loss is so much more than a weight loss product. In my 14 years experience marketing nutrition and weight loss products there hasn’t been a whole lot I haven’t seen. Especially in light of the fact I’ve been marketing online for 14 years. Being highly visible online means I get approached with a lot of various offers of nutrition and weight loss products.

The Bottom Line: The bottom line of all of this is that Goji Weight Loss is in a class by itself as a weight loss product. It is without a doubt the best weight loss/diet product I have ever seen or used.

Check out one of the before after pictures I have for you below.

I want to talk to you here about the health benefits of Goji Weight Loss. If all it did was help you lose weight it would be one of the best health products ever. Simply because of all the health issues caused by being over weight. Issues like diabetes, heart and cardiovascular problems, and many more. Even being overweight increases your risk of getting cancer.

However, Goji Weight Loss has ingredients that are good for your heart and cardiovascular system, energy levels and more. In fact there are 27 reasons/benefits to taking Goji Weight Loss. A couple of those benefits I’ve included here: A pleasurable activity such as eating triggers the release of a brain chemical called dopamine, which travels to special receptors produce a sensation of pleasure you feel satisfied, and you can therefore stop eating. But in many overweight people, something’s gone haywire with their dopamine receptors, so it takes more food for them to get the message that they’re satisfied.

The amino acids in Goji Weight Loss Appetol complex are structurally similar to dopamine, and studies have shown that they can increase the activity of dopamine in the brain. That means that, by taking Goji Weight Loss at the start of a meal, you can feel that pleasurable sensation without having to overeat. Goji Weight Loss also contains fiber, a special fiber ingredient that promotes the early release of CCK, a hormone that makes you feel fuller faster. And it can make you feel fuller longer as well.

More Information on the Incredible New Goji Weight Loss Product.

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