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A weight loss journal for anyone looking to shed unwanted pounds. Here you''ll find support, weight loss tips, and many stories chronicling the weight loss people are experiencing with TAIslim.

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Some of TAIs..m‘s weight-loss benefits seem rather obvious. others, such as the way TAIslim boosts thermogenic action to shed pounds, aren’t so easy to immediately understand.

Thermogenesis is, quite simply, the body’s ability create heat form processing stored fat cells. It does so by increasing the body’s metabollic rate, and this is the reason we often refer to the process of using fat cells as “burning” fat!

Most importantly, this burning of fat is called lipolysis, and takes place in unique pockets of fat all over the body.

Normally, the body doesn’t utilize these pockets of fat, called brown adipose tissue (BAT). This is a problem, because accumulated BAT-style fat isn’t easy to get rid of. It is normally only burned when the body is undergoing intense stresses such as fighting for its life, exercising heavily, or when the body is in need of extra heat.

The good news is that you no longer have to toil away endlessly in Antarctica to burn these stubborn fat reserves! Certain foods, such as peppers, cinnamon, and ginger can trigger very breif burning of BAT. Coffee and Tea both burn this fat for slightly longer periods.

There is, however, a much better way of cranking up your thermogenic power and it is with TAIs..m! In one controlled, human clinical study, TAIs..m astounded scientists by burning calories at the amazing rate of 200 calories per day. That averages out to 250% more than what was burned in green tea studies! This extra calorie-burning boost is only one of the four ways in which TAIslim literally melts the pounds off!

The thermogenic, calorie-frying power of TAIslim is also long lasting. In yet another clinical study, those people who were taking TAis..m were burning 20 times more calories than any of those who had been administered coffee or green tea!

In short, TAIs..m actually *boosts* your body’s ability to burn calories effectively! Imagine if you could just magically erase many of the calories you consumed in a day – wouldn’t it be much easier for you to lose weight, or keep the pounds off? This no longer has to be the result of magic – TAIs..m is the scientific way to help your body burn more calories all throughout the day!

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