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A weight loss journal for anyone looking to shed unwanted pounds. Here you''ll find support, weight loss tips, and many stories chronicling the weight loss people are experiencing with TAIslim.

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Abdominal fat – also lovingly referred to as belly fat – is the least desirable place to gain weight. Unlike other areas of the body where extra fat can perhaps be hidden or downplayed, when our bodies pack fat onto the stomach, everyone sees it.

Unfortunately, there are other negatives associated with belly fat beyond aesthetical problems. Fat stored in the abdominal area, right around all of the body’s major organs, is the most unhealthy place that it can accumulate. In fact, belly fat is a prime indicator of a serious condition called metabolic syndrome, which can double your risk of early death from stroke, cancer, heart disease, or diabetes.

Ultimately, the basic cause of metabolic syndrome is a certain imbalance of hormones. The bodies of many overweight or sedentary people slowly grow to be more resistant to the effects of insulin, which converts the food you eat into energy to be used. The body then begins to produce excess amounts of cortisol, another hormone which has the nasty effect of converting unused calories directly into fat, and storing them in the abdominal cavity. Because of this, some people may find it nearly impossible to put the brakes on runaway weight gain, or may find extreme difficulty in losing weight.

Of course, if you could “re-train” your body to become more sensitive to insulin, as it was designed to be, then this increase in belly fat would cease. This has, of course, always been an incredibly difficult thing to do, but Goji Weight Loss is here to help!

Clinical Human studies conducted on Goji Weight Loss have shown a significant reduction of cortisol levels and other fat-storing hormones in the blood. In fact, the unique fiber found in Goji Weight Loss has been tirelessly studied and found to boost the body’s normal insulin sensitivity!

Goji Weight Loss helps to burn fat off of all parts of the body, but its proven ability to reduce belly fat is a reason to rejoice! Whether for an improved physique and more attractive body, or boosted health and peace of mind, the abdominal fat-fighting power of Goji Weight Loss can truly change your life!

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